Why Performing Arts Programs are Beneficial for Children

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Why Performing Arts Programs are Beneficial for Children

Youth Show Choir Program Performing on Stage at an Event. In bright pink and white outfits.

November 8, 2023


The rich history of theater spans thousands of years, Sanskrit recorded the first signs of the adoption of performative arts while Ancient Greece significantly shaped Western theater as we know it today. Throughout this extensive timeline, the theater has remained a captivating art form and essential from its very inception.

As theater continued to evolve, it found a new demographic of expression, one of which was children’s theater. In the 19th century, the concept of youth theater programs emerged. These programs proved popular due to their profound positive effects on both entertainment and the development of children.

The adoption of youth theater programs during the Progressive era, during the late 1800s and early 1900s, proved to enhance language skills, foster creativity, and instill strong values in the young generations. Since then, the influence and positive impact of these programs have continued to shape generations and enrich lives.

Team Building

Working with a large group of people to accomplish one goal or event can be frustrating and tough to teach. In theater programs, kids learn to collaborate while relying on each other to learn their lines and cues and to finish their work. As well as communicate verbally and nonverbally to express ideas and actively listen. When done right, the result is a well-executed performance that all team members contribute to.

Creative Thinking

In theater and performing arts, creative thinking plays a crucial role. Improv exercises challenge these children to think on their feet. The exploration of diverse roles challenges them to view situations from different perspectives they would have never been exposed to. Mastering these skills can improve other aspects of life, including school, work, and home.

Mental Health

Studies have shown that theater and performing arts programs have a positive impact on children’s mental health. Providing a safe space for kids to speak their minds and share emotions freely empowers youth to reshape their vision of the world and social concepts. Performing arts removes fear and prejudice and promotes early intervention for any mental health issues that do arise.

School Performance

Time and time again, performing arts have proved to have long-lasting advantages correlated to school performance. Participation in these programs such as theater, orchestra, band, and dance improves memory, interpretation, language, and mathematical skills. Daily participation in the arts strengthens these skills even further.


Many people find rejection and constructive criticism difficult to process or take. Most take it as an attack on their character or work. In the arts, rejection and criticism are expected and encouraged to become better at the craft. Kids, also, become more deliberate when delivering rejection and criticism.


To stand up on a stage and deliver a performance can be nerve-racking, many people take years to develop public speaking skills. In these programs, children practice every day in front of a crowd filled with their peers to later perform in front of strangers. This practice instills confidence and self-esteem into their character. This confidence can be used in school, at work, or anywhere else making it an incredibly valuable side effect of performing.


Performing arts programs are extremely beneficial for people of all ages, but when introduced to the programs at young ages the benefits are instilled at a young age. Kids will see improvement at school and parents might see changes in their confidence, schoolwork, and decision-making. As well as making friends and creating long-term relationships with their peers.

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