FR-36 Choral Riser Video

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“This is Nate with StageRight and this is our FR-36 Fold and Roll Riser. These risers are perfect for school and church choirs because they come fully assembled and they can be set up easily with just one person. The FR-36 has all of its parts mounted to the frame so there’s no tools or transport carts required. Simply roll it into place, unfold it, engage the locking casters, and you’re good to go. Multiple FR-36 risers can even lock together without tools and there’s an optional fourth level that can either be added or removed easily. The FR-36’s steel frame also makes it incredibly durable and safe. Just imagine what it would be like you know that you can easily set up your choir risers and have the comfort knowing that your performers are as safe as possible. For more information on our FR-36s, please contact us.”

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