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“Hi, I’m Brian Westphal. I’m the volunteer Performing Arts Center Manager here at Lincoln Consolidated Schools in Ypsilanti, Michigan and everyone in the district is very excited to have this new StageRight
Acoustical Enclosure here in our auditorium. Well we wanted something that blended in with the rest of the house and the fact that so many different finishes are available on the Opus II really made a big difference because we were able to match it just about exactly with what we have in the auditorium. We also needed something to make the sound really project out in this huge space that we have. Our old shell that we brought over from the old auditorium just never cut it with this big stage and also we needed lots of access to the backstage area while the shell is installed. With the old one we always had to move it in order to get back there and this one just has these huge openings that allow something as big as percussion instruments or grand pianos to come on stage.”

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