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“If I were giving advice to another auditorium manager about an orchestra shell like this I would definitely recommend that they look at StageRight. The entire process from the first presentation of the product through the assembly once it was finally delivered was just very professional and all of our questions were answered almost before we asked them.
We had a team of three people from StageRight who were here for about a week, obviously they brought all the individual panels in, built the towers, installed the panels onto them, and used a winch installed up at the top of the stage to pull the panels up the towers up.
It was very methodical they’ve obviously done it many times before and they they just hammered through it in the course of about a week. I had lots of questions as they were going and they always answered that during that process but then when it was all done they walked us through the entire process of pulling it out of storage, getting the ceiling panels in place, and then bringing in the towers.”

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