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Theater Staging and Riser Products

Great performances start with a solid foundation!

Since 1984 theater and performing arts professionals have turned to StageRight for creative solutions for their staging and riser needs. Our sturdy and durable materials and ability to meet the design intent of your space makes StageRight a solid addition to any project. Our commitment goes beyond just delivering products to the jobsite. StageRight partners with both the Designer and End User to help create a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

StageRight’s flexible equipment ensures that you can change your space to deliver unparalleled patron experience and an unhindered space for your performers. The equipment can be a Stage today, Black Box Riser tomorrow or an Audience Seating Riser next week. Our Orchestra Pit Covers and Stage Extensions allow you to bring your performers closer to the audience, while expanding the size of your stage. Create a beautiful concert space wherever you need with the Opus II Concert Orchestra Shell.

If your venue demands cost effective change-over solutions in portable platforms and audience seating systems, contact StageRight today.

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  • Acoustic Shells

    Performers and audiences alike will love the mix and projection of sound enhanced by our Acoustical Shells.

  • Decks

    The multi-purpose StageRight Deck can save you time and money because it is interchangeable with various StageRight support systems.

  • Portable Stages

    Match the mood and tempo for each musical genre, from a brass quintet to an energetic show, with our versatile Portable Staging.

  • Music Risers

    StageRight's Band and Choral Risers allow your musicians to be seen and heard more clearly.

  • Theater Products

    Orchestra shells, pit fillers, stage extensions, and black box theatre seating.

  • Accessories

    Put the final touch on your performance.

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