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Staging and Risers for Churches and Worship Facilities

Music that lifts the heart starts with a solid foundation

Today’s worship facilities are home to a variety of services and events from traditional, music ministry, youth programs, fellowship services, and special productions. Ensuring investments can meet your needs today and in the future is essential to being good stewards.

Portable platforms, like staging, music risers, and audience seating risers are great investments to grow with your facility and congregation.

The possibilities are endless. Constructed from last-a-lifetime materials, your platforms are guaranteed to meet the demands of your growing congregation. Platforms are easy to set-up and break-down without the use of tools, which makes it easier for your volunteer labor groups. Storage is made easy as platforms store compactly. Most importantly, portable platforms may give the appearance and beauty of being built-in, but allows space to be changed.

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  • Acoustic Shells

    Performers and audiences alike will love the mix and projection of sound enhanced by our acoustical shells.

  • Decks

    The multi-purpose StageRight Decks can save you time and money because they're interchangeable with various StageRight portable stage support systems.

  • Portable Stages

    Match the mood and tempo for each musical genre, from a choir to an energetic show, with our versatile portable staging.

  • Music Risers

    StageRight's Band, Choral, and Drum Risers allow your musicians to be seen and heard more clearly.

  • Theater Products

    Theater Products like seating risers and stage extensions.

  • Accessories

    Put the final touch on your performance.

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