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“Hi, this is Kip Weis from StageRight Corporation. Today we’re at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan and this is their brand new Opus II Orchestra Enclosure. Maximum reflection is obtained with this shell due to the bowed, structurally laminated Sandwich Panels that feature our standard Formica surface. These surfaces come in over 200 different colors and wood grain options and we also offer wood veneer and painted hardboard. This entire shell is portable so it can be taken down when not in use. Each tower can be up to 12 foot wide by 32 feet tall. The wings on the center supported tower also act as doorways for easy access. The Smart Mover Transport makes moving these towers safe and easy because their weight is evenly distributed. Set up time can also be minimized because orbital casters facilitate movement in any direction. The Ceiling Cloud Panels are also available to provide a complete, finished look while preventing sound from escaping your space. Just imagine having the ability to create a beautiful acoustical performance space as you need it.

One that ensures maximum sound reflection and one that provides the professional aesthetic your patrons deserve. For more information on the StageRight Opus II Orchestra Enclosure, please contact us.”

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