The Sentinel Crowd Control Barricade

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Strong enough for your crowds. Light enough for your crew.

aluminum crowd control barricade

The Sentinel Crowd Control Barricade is built for the rigors of concert and extreme crowd control applications. All Aluminum Construction makes it lightweight for handling, but extremely strong to meet the demands of any event. A multitude of safety and performance features are integrated into the design, which promotes both safe and easy operation no matter the location.

Product Features

  • Utmost in Safety for Patrons and Security

    Solidly constructed crowd control barricades with tapered floors reduce tripping and rounded tops minimize injury. The floor is also slip resistant and there's a built-in step for better security management.
  • Aluminum Build Makes For Easy Mobility

    Your crew will love this aluminum barricade. Weighing only 90 pounds per unit, it's lighter than similar steel barricades, while still maintaining the same amount of strength.
  • Simple Setup & Cleanup

    Each piece is designed for easy handling and storage. Simply set in location and lift to locked position. Combine multiple units fast and easy. Multiple barricades set up easily and lock together without the use of tools. Cleanup is made simple due to holes in the floors which helps minimize the effect of spills.
  • Compact Storage

    The Sentinel Crowd Control Barricade folds flat for easy and compact storage. The ability to also sit them side-by-side makes it possible to transport them with a box truck instead of a semi because each unit is only 42 inches wide.
  • Mesh Walls

    Provide greater visibility for security and fans. Allows lights, smoke, and sound to pass through.


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Product Details


  • Concert Crowd Control Barricades
  • Portable Staging Crowd Control Barricades
  • Festival Crowd Control Barricades
  • Concert Stage Barricades
  • Outdoor Stage Barricades

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  • Transport Cart

  • Add-On Step
Step extension bridges the back of two units giving security team a larger platform to stand on.
  • Corner Pieces Optional corner pieces allow for thrust layouts to create inside and outside angles.
  • Cable Pass Through Allows easy routing of production cables through the crowd control barricade.

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