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Redefining the music posture chair

music posture chair

The new FirstChair™ by StageRight redefines the music posture chair. It’s the perfect choir, orchestra, or band chair. The ergonomic design and breathable mesh promotes better circulation, enabling musicians to optimize their performance and sit on the music risers with comfort. The specially woven seat and back suspension material conforms to the musician’s body and keeps them cool under the hot lights on their performance stage or on their classroom music risers. This innovative weave is self-healing, standing up to rigorous classroom use. With its contemporary, lyrical design and revolutionary materials, the FirstChair is quickly becoming the leader in its class.

Product Features

  • Sloping Seat Pan

    reversible deck treadsRolls the hips open. Gives a properly seated performance position, which allows students to put feet on the floor or the band riser platform.
  • Posture Enhancing

    StageRight’s FirstChair™ design promotes proper seated posture, duplicating the benefits of standing and optimizing your musician’s performance.
  • Breathable Fabric

    Allows for air flow giving a very comfortable seat for long durations.
  • Contour Forming Fabric

    Eliminates ‘Hot Points’ and ‘Pressure Points’ when performing on seated risers. Prevents the student/performers from sliding, reducing fidgeting and attention loss. Allows for a comfortable seating position regardless of instrument.
  • Stronger than Steel

    Seat and chair back are injection molded using structural nylon which give the chair an incredible strength to weight ratio (pound for pound - stronger than steel).
  • Stackable Music Chair Transports

    Chairs stack straight, reducing the risk of chairs tipping over.
  • Accessibility

    This lightweight chair can be stacked onto a Transport cart (10 on a single cart, 20 on a dual cart) and easily moved from the practice room to the performance area.

Please contact a sales representative at 800-438-4499 to discuss your needs and to receive design assistance, specifications and pricing.

Product Details


  • Music Risers
  • Music Risers
  • Band Chair
  • Seated Band Risers
  • Orchestra Chair
  • Orchestra Risers
  • Choir Chair
  • Choir Risers
  • Seated Choral Risers
  • Music Chair for Orchestra
  • Portable Staging Riser
  • Audience Seating

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  • Seat Height

    Available in 17.5”, or 18.5”


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