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Basic performance stage and music riser stairs are an economical and easy way to add portable stairs to your stage platforms.

stage steps

The treads of the portable stairs are surfaced with black PolyTrac, and have aluminum tread noses to increase visibility and help prevent slips. Three sizes are available: the single-tread model is for stage riser setups of 8″ to 16”, or 6”-12”, and the two-tread model is for 16″ to 24″ heights.

Please contact a sales representative at 800-438-4499 to discuss your needs and to receive design assistance, specifications and pricing.

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  • Performance Stage
  • Music Risers
  • Mix Platforms
  • Drum Risers
  • Choir Risers
  • Band Risers
  • Portable Staging
  • Head Table Risers
  • Graduation Stages

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