Alla Breve Music Sound Shell

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The Alla Breve Music Sound Shell can be used behind music risers, on performance stages or in any open space to improve the acoustic value for the performers.


Product Features

  • Beautiful Acoustic Shell Sound Reflection

    Durable, warm beige laminated acoustic panels reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies. Panels are a “sandwich” laminate 7/8" thick with a 3/4" honeycomb-core.
  • Durable Music Shell Tower with Adjustable Canopy

    Improve sound for both performers and audience with better blend, mix and projection. The canopy can be set at 4 different angles to reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies. Reduce maintenance with tough, impact resistant ABS plastic “skin” on rigid 7/8"-thick acoustic panels. Realize maximum durability with a strong steel frame.
  • Flexible Height Adjustment

    Enjoy improved sound in various rooms at any height from 8'4" to 13'4.5." Reduce labor as the acoustic shell, measuring 6' 7.5" tall in the storage position, will pass through standard doorways.
  • Easy Music Shell Setup

    Save setup time as top panels glide into performance position with minimal, 15-pound lift effort.
  • Transport With Ease

    Save additional time in setup as shells roll easily on dual castors to and from a same-level storage area (if Shell must be lifted, its 256-lb. weight is more easily managed than older-style 375+ lb. shells). When in storage position, only one person is needed to move each acoustic shell.
  • Nested Storage

    Save space as music shells nest compactly in storage (six nested Shells occupy less that 39 square feet).


  • Matthew Thomas, Festival Director, Michigan

    "Our music festival makes use of Stage Right’s Z-800 seated orchestra risers, FR-36 Fold-and-Roll choral risers, and Alla Breve sound shells. Based on my 30 years of performance experience, I can attest that the quality of all these items is without peer, solidly built to withstand heavy use and brilliantly engineered for ease of installation and removal. Thanks to Bill Teeter everyone at StageRight for your excellent products and customer service!"

  • Mike Kruger, Principal/Associate Superintendent, Iowa

    "This is a great product that is very easy to use, set up, etc. One person can easily do the set up and tear down. Great product that I would recommend to others."

  • Ryan Gonder, Director of Bands, Michigan

    "I love our StageRight products! They are so well-built and affordable."

  • Karl Wolf, Choral Director, Iowa

    "We've just taken delivery on our Alla Breve Choral Acoustic Shells and are very pleased with them. They arrived ahead of schedule in perfect condition. The workmanship is excellent and they are very easy to set up and to store. Kip provided exceptional customer service as did the rest of the StageRight staff."



Please contact a sales representative at 800-438-4499 to discuss your needs and to receive design assistance, specifications and pricing.

Product Details


  • Theater Stages
  • Music Risers
  • Performance Stages
  • Band Risers
  • Choral Risers
  • Seated Choir Risers
  • Reflective Acoustic Towers

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1 Unit Alla Breve Music Shell

1 Riser Package

6’ 0 1/8”

3’ 8 1/8”

2 Unit Alla Breve Music Shell

2 Riser Package

11’ 11 7/8”

4’ 1 1/4”

3 Unit Alla Breve Music Shell

3 Riser Package

17’ 10 3/8”

4’ 10 3/8”

4 Unit Alla Breve Music Shell

4 Riser Package

23’ 6 1/4”

5’ 10 3/8”

5 Unit Alla Breve Music Shell

5 Riser Package

28’ 11 1/4”

7’ 2 1/8”

6 Unit Alla Breve Music Shell

6 Riser Package

34’ 0”

8’ 8 1/2”

7 Unit Alla Breve Music Shell

7 Riser Package

38’ 9 3/8”

10’ 6 1/4”

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