TeleMatic 100 Telescopic Riser

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For pinpoint laser-guided accuracy, dependable deployment, and easier conversion.

telescopic seating

The Telematic 100 is the new generation in telescopic seating risers that combines an unmatched level of deployment accuracy and guest experience. By combining the revolutionary laser-guided intelligence system with a dual belt drive system, the risers will deploy with pinpoint accuracy every time.

Ideal for black box theaters and ancillary areas, these tiered risers will give patrons a far better theatre experience. They’ll feel as though they’re in a traditional, high-end theatre seat. Delivering a more fulfilling experience will ensure that the audience will return for future events. In addition to the other features, the riser offers a deck design that accepts beam and nose mounted chairs from Irwin Seating Company, along with folding chairs from multiple manufacturers.

Product Features

  • Sturdy & Quiet

    The composite core deck is rigid and feels rock solid. This creates a sturdy and quiet riser that’s perfect for intimate settings like a black box theater.

  • Revolutionary Drive System

    Twin industrial grade conveyor belts, powered independently, drive and steer the telescopic riser to laser point repeated accuracy. Eliminates the binding troubles caused by traction slippage.

  • Accurate, Laser-Guided Deployment

    Speed changeover time as units deploy in the same spot every time. Reduce labor costs with repeated accuracy on every deployment.
    Telescopic Riser Laser-Guided Deployment

  • Sturdy, Durable Understructure

    Durable baked-on powder coated understructure and components.

  • Portable

    Available with fork hoops, air deployed casters, or fold down casters for easy transportation.

  • Seating

    Allows beam and nose mounted chairs, along with folding chairs.

Due to the custom nature of Telematic 100 Telescopic Seating Risers, please contact a sales representative at 800-438-4499 to discuss your facilities needs and to receive design assistance, specifications and pricing.

Product Details


  • Black Box Theaters
  • Theater Seating
  • Audience Risers
  • Seating Risers

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