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“Hi, Bill Teeter here at Central Auditorium in Midland, Michigan to look at their Sonata Shell. The Sonata was originally designed as a custom project then turned into standard product. It was born out of the need for a 16 foot tall tower that would fit through a standard 10 foot doorway. Our response is the Sonata. At 16 foot tall it will fold down to 9 foot 3 inches. A fully counterbalanced base and four swivel casters make the Sonata tower easy to transport and maneuver. Once in place, all four casters lock for safety and stability. A 1-5/8 inch thick panel with aluminum extruded frame and a dense backing increases sound reflection at lower frequencies. This maximizes sound reflection for performers and the audience members. When in storage, the bottom filler panel can be removed and stored on the rear of the unit to allow the towers to nest together for storage. With over 200 surface options to choose from you can match the aesthetics of any room. Just imagine having a unit that’s easy to set up, stores compactly, and enhances the beauty of any space. For more information on the Sonata Acoustic Shell, please contact us.”

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