The Ultimate Stage Buying Guide

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8 things you need to know before buying your portable stage.


Portable Staging Products

  • Alpharoll

    Select the height that is best for your event with an AlphaRoll dual or quad height staging riser.

  • FR-2402 Fold & Roll Riser

    A safe, sturdy, and easy to set up mobile stage option that features a single sided portable stage deck.

  • FR-2403/4 Fold & Roll Riser

    A safe, sturdy, and easy to set up mobile stage option featuring dual sided, reversible portable staging decks.

  • Z-800 Stage Supports

    Reconfigure your stage for each event with the versatile Z-System portable staging support.

  • Z-800HD Stage Supports

    A versatile, heavy duty stage option ideal for mid-height portable staging applications. Bridge the portable staging decks for quick and easy setup.

  • ME-3750 Rolling Stage Support

    Engage the casters on the ME-3750 major event staging and roll it wherever a performance stage is needed. No disassembly required.

  • ME-500 Stage Supports

    For a quick changeover on your major venue events, ME-500 portable stage supports are designed to save you time.

  • ME-1000 Stage Supports

    Solid and simple. The ME-1000 Portable Stage Support System is the original “bridging deck” performance stage.

  • I-Beam

    Clear obstacles and span greater distances with the I-beam portable stage support.

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