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FAQs on our Alla Breve Acoustic Shells

Acoustic shells are fantastic equipment meant to balance and reflect sound to audiences. They can be used for choirs, bands, orchestras, and more. Here are some Frequently asked questions we want to address in case you are interested in investing in sound quality.

How easy are StageRight acoustic shells to use?

Our acoustic shells have been designed and engineered to make setup and use easy even with one person. The shells are on casters making it easy to move and slide in and out of storage. Adjusting the height and angle of the shells is designed for one person to do. When you wish to store the shells away, they neatly nest into each other so there is no heavy lifting.

StageRight Acoustic Shells are the only shells that uses a pulley counterbalance system, making it the easiest to use in the industry!

How to store StageRight acoustic shells?

Our shells are designed to nest into one another as well as roll where they are needed. Just roll the shells to your desired location and stack them horizontally out from the first shell. The nesting design makes it easy to store the shells when and wherever needed.

This photo depicts how they are stored and nest into each other. For a video reference, click here!

What material are the shells made from?

The shells are made of a three-quarter-inch thick honeycomb core sandwiched between seven-eighths-inch thick laminate panels. The side channels and adjusters are made from aluminum.

How long have acoustic shells been around?

They were introduced as a portable and adjustable option during the 1990’s. Permanent shells have been around since Pompeii, using amphitheaters and natural shells to project their voices or music to audiences. Examples of these shells include the Colosseum, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and the Shoreline Amphitheater.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of amphitheaters and sound shells, check out this post!

Where do you adjust the height on my acoustic shell?

Our Alla Breve shells have a pulley counterbalance system so, to adjust the shell up push down on the crossbar in the back. As it glides down, the shell with expand upwards. When you need to adjust the shell down, pull up on the counterbalance, and the shell will retract to its compact size. This is easy for one person to set up.

For an informative video on how to adjust the height of the shells, click here!

How do you adjust the canopy angle on my acoustic shell?

When the shell’s height is fully retracted down, adjust the canopy stop to one of the three angles. When the angle is adjusted, push up on the top panel. The panel will lift into place. Once the angle is adjusted, you can then adjust the height.

Can I use acoustic shells outside?

No. The lightweight design promotes easy portability, the castors are low profile to allow quick deployment on even surfaces and access through doorways. The large flat panels will catch wind and could blow over, increasing the risk of damage and injury.

How many people are needed to adjust a shell?

It takes one person to adjust the acoustic shells.

How do you assemble StageRight Alla Breve Acoustic Shells?

The shells ship fully assembled, there is no assembly required.

How do I determine how many shells I will need for my choir?

Set up the acoustic shells and choir risers with a 1:1 ratio. For every choir riser, set up an acoustic shell behind it. For example, six choir risers will accompany six acoustic shells.

What is the price comparison to other music shells?

StageRight Alla Breve Acoustic Shells are the complete package, with ease of use, durability, and a very competitive price made to fit music education budgets!

If you are interested in an acoustic shell, contact us!

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