Commencement Countdown: Prepare for Your Unforgettable Graduation

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Countdown to Commencement: Prepare for Your Unforgettable Ceremony

Graduation, for many, is one of the most important moments they can experience in their life. All their hard work, time, and money had finally paid off. When they walk across your commencement stage, it will mark the completion of a lifetime accomplishment. Family staring, photographers taking pictures, and graduates brimming with elation as they step down from the stage.

What do you need for your graduation ceremony?

  • Staging
  • Access to the Stage
  • View of the Stage
  • Storage for the Stage


The cornerstone of your ceremony: the graduation stage. A raised platform where professionals, professors, and graduates can stand, walk across, and present is the heart of the event. Selecting a reliable stage that feels as sturdy as concrete and endures the test of time is crucial. The durability of a robust platform pays dividends in the long haul. Opt for a stage that evolves with your event, growing bigger and better each year.

Consider the venue dynamics: for outdoor settings, a stage with adjustable supports is invaluable for accommodating uneven ground. Look for portable stages with adaptable legs, ensuring stability regardless of terrain. If your graduation stage is temporary, prioritize ample storage space and collapsible systems for easy, efficient storage between events.

Our Suggestions:
StageRight ME-500 Stage Supports
StageRight ME-1000 Stage Supports
StageRight Stage Decks

Access to the Stage

Consider the essential details: stairs or an access ramp for patrons to reach the graduation stage. Ensure seamless access by investing in detachable and portable stairs that effortlessly connect to your stage platforms. The inclusivity of your stage access could make all the difference in the success of your ceremony. Every person who walks across that stage is a priority, and providing easy access for those with mobility needs can truly enhance the experience for all.

Our Suggestions:
StageRight Access Ramp
StageRight Folding Adjustable Stairs

View of the Stage

If you’re contemplating live streaming the event for online viewers, we suggest investing in a sturdy camera platform that captures the moment seamlessly. A raised camera platform ensures an uninterrupted view, capturing the vibrant atmosphere and every stage moment with clarity for online viewers. Don’t let movement disrupt your live feed—elevate your cameras above the audience to ensure a flawless online experience that truly captures the essence of the ceremony.

Choosing a venue that offers ample seating for friends and family of the graduates is just as crucial as seating the graduates themselves. Consider the heartfelt moments: first-generation graduates yearning for their proud families to attend, parents stepping into the cap and gown with loved ones cheering them on, and a host of special guests eagerly awaiting this milestone event. If your venue lacks seating capacity, we recommend exploring seating alternatives. Physically elevate the audience experience with audience risers, maximizing space and ensuring optimal sightlines for all.

Our Suggestions:
StageRight Camera Platform
StageRight ZHD/ML Risers

Storage for your Stage

Transform your storage game with portable staging that is space-saving and convenient. Imagine staging that neatly folds into compact storage carts, ready to tuck away until its next grand entrance. Consider adding streamlined efficiency to your event routine. With detachable supports and storage carts, making the most of storage space will never be easier.

Our Suggestion:
StageRight Transportation Cart

With the essentials in place for a successful graduation ceremony—graduates walking up and across the stage safely, families and friends watching with pride, and tear-down made effortless—the countdown to the big day begins. Now is the time to fine-tune every detail and ensure you have everything you need for an unforgettable commencement ceremony. Embrace this opportunity to create lasting memories and celebrate the achievements of your graduates in style.

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