Evolving Event Trends: A Glimpse into 2024

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Evolving Event Trends: A Glimpse into 2024

Times have evolved significantly in the last 4 years. In the world of events, the pulse is on adaptability and a keen eye for the finer points, growing ever more essential. As the calendar fills with upcoming events, business conferences, and the beat of summer concerts revving up, let’s delve into the latest event trends and pivotal considerations.

Intimate Panels

The rise of small, intimate panels designed to enlighten, educate, or ignite inspiration is a trend gaining rapid momentum. This phenomenon has been making waves for the past few years, and its allure shows no signs of fading. A cozy setting, with a handful of passionate speakers, and an audience hungry for knowledge. The magic of these intimate panels lies in their ability to foster collaboration, spark curiosity, and forge connections. You can gauge the success of such panels by the buzz of new questions, the glow of fresh inspiration, and the flurry of new contacts exchanged.

Setting it up

There are a few ways to set up a small panel. Depending on the number of attendees, the layout is important. For an extremely small group, of 5 to 10 attendees, there is no need for any type of platform. This is ideal for a single presenter/speaker or a panel of two to three people. More than that, you will want to make sure that you elevate the speakers/panel so that all the attendees can see and participate. A simple stage riser and sturdy stage deck are perfect for creating a setup.

Seating for the attendees can be single chairs, stools, or group tables are all great options. However, setting up food, drinks, and a panel, the small group tables will become unbeatable. Ensure that the tables are set so that even the furthest tables have unobstructed views of the presenters or speakers.

The visuals and environment should be simple. The goal is to focus the attendees on the panel. Consider what the panel discussion subject is about. If it is about a product, then adjust the environment to reflect the product’s ingredients, origin, or story. If there is a background, it should not be busy and full of advertisements or visuals. Remember to focus on the relationship building and questions being asked, this needs to be at the forefront.

Live and Large Showcases

Unveiling new products and services that spark excitement among customers is an excellent strategy to generate buzz and create a celebratory atmosphere. Imagine the thrill of inviting guests and employees who have eagerly awaited the release or debut of a long-anticipated product—it’s an event that builds anticipation to a crescendo. Apple has long set the standard for this kind of grand reveal, but now we see Samsung, Taco Bell, and other innovators embracing this impactful approach.

Setting it up

A great way to show the grandeur of the moment is with a big stage. A large stage with easy access from the sides to allow speakers and guests to make their way up when needed is ideal. Usually, it is located at the back of the room, where you can focus your attention. Like a conference, you can have audience seating, potentially with risers, or a dining experience for attendees to truly soak in.

Live events can be a completely different monster to organize. Moving pieces, constant monitoring, and lots of testing are all key factors in organizing a live event. We aren’t going to dive too deep into this subject, knowing that there are better resources to refer to. However, we have linked a starting place below.

How to Live Stream an Event: 14 Streaming Service Options for Planners (pcnametag.com)

Depending on the size of the attendee list, seating will vary. If there is a small number of guests, make them feel appreciated by seating them at tables. However, if there is a large crowd the best chance of success is with audience seating. If the rows are making it difficult to see from the back, audience risers could pay off by creating a positive viewing experience.

Many of these releases have large video screens or a projector so that the speaker can present and showcase the product. The benefit of video paired with a speaker is the ability to truly tell a story and have the audience visually and audibly follow along. Also, it helps when the stage is large to frame in the video and allow the speaker to walk with their words drawing more attention to product and the speaker.

The last piece of the puzzle is lighting. Making sure that the lighting emphasizes both the speaker, and the product is vital. Lighting can change a casual chat about a product into an encaptivating showcase experience. Play with color, play with intensity, but remember the integrity of the product and speaker. Don’t let the lighting be the downfall of the showcase.


Empowering others to succeed ultimately paves the way for your success. The true essence of an event lies in the accessibility it offers to its attendees—after all, their experience shapes the event’s triumph. Picture the venue: are there stairs to navigate, or perhaps an elevator for ease of access? Ensuring smooth pathways for speakers and guests to reach the stage is pivotal. Consider this: if even a single guest encounters an obstacle, we inadvertently limit the potential of the entire gathering.

Setting it up

Prior planning is crucial. Ensure that every stairwell is paired with an elevator or a ramp. If there is a stage, make sure that every guest can see the stage and every speaker or presenter can access it. Also, consider the height of the stage and the ramp for access. A steep ramp will do no better than a stair, a long ramp to allow ease of use would do far better.

The importance of inclusion for any kind of disability has become more and more pertinent. If there is a lot of speaking without visuals, think about hiring an interpreter to make sure no one feels forgotten. Interpreters are hired for concerts, stand-up comedy, debates, and so many other events. Before the event begins, ensure that any words that might be difficult to sign (made-up words) are going to be interpreted correctly. Consider guides at the door that can assist anyone to their seats when needed. This can serve a dual purpose as well. Guides or ushers can answer any questions, run for additional help if needed, and assist those who might have a difficult time finding or getting to their seats. If any issues arise during the event, they can also mitigate quietly without having to interrupt others.

There are an endless number of trends and tips for 2024, these are just a few we thought to consider. Small panels for intimate conferences in contrast to large and live showcases create both community and excitement. Mix them with inclusivity and any event done right will be a success.

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