Creating Magical Moments: Summer Wedding Staging Tips and Ideas

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Creating Magical Moments: Summer Wedding Staging Tips and Ideas

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Florals for wedding season. Groundbreaking.

There is a reason why the wedding season starts in early summer and ends mid-fall. In cooler climates, wedding season is on an even tighter schedule. Because summer weather is beautiful. And in summer, outdoor venues see the most action. This means that everything is subject to terrain. Outdoor ceremonies in beautiful, wooded areas can be jaw-dropping and whimsical. A ceremony with cliffs and canyons as the backdrop can be breathtaking. So, while you are renting out equipment to venues, managing a venue, planning weddings, or planning your own, here are a few summer wedding staging ideas to bring it to the next level.

Ceremony Staging

Outdoor venues are naturally beautiful, but when your great aunt sitting near the back of the audience cannot see the couple tie the knot it can be a challenge. Cathedrals and traditional indoor venues have platforms that elevate the couple and the officiant so everyone can watch. Outside, a naturally occurring platform is difficult to come by. Although there is nothing wrong with standing on the ground, we suggest a stage or modular platform that can be leveled to the natural terrain.

Staging comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors but not EVERY size, shape, and color. Stage design does not only apply to the theater and music industry but can be very helpful in this case. Using a rug, vinyl, wood, or florals to work the stage into the aesthetic of the wedding can make a big impact. Depending on the theme, colors, and venue there are many options.

For example, the color of the 2024 wedding season is blue, Marseille Bleu to be exact. Another trend that we are seeing is a tonal color palette. Think coastal-themed with a color palette of light and darker tones of blue. Imagine seeing a sea of wood chairs surrounded by blue florals, white mingling in between. The aisle leads to an elevated platform where the sides are draped in a light beige and surrounded by larger collections of blue florals. Bridesmaids and groomsmen cascade to the side leaving the couple to shine where everyone can see.

This can be achieved in a wooded area, on a beach, inside, or even on a farm. Sticking with the aesthetic and vision of the bride is the only thing that truly matters, we don’t need to tell you that. But suggesting a staging option for those with a larger guest list might save the day and provide a great view for everyone.

Performance Staging

It seems that DJs have taken the wedding scene by storm. Sometimes the DJ has their own setup, but when dealing with electronic equipment outside it could be a good idea to create a level surface for that equipment to sit. This is where a small stage can come in handy. A perk of this option is making it easier for the DJ to see how the crowd is responding to the music and adjust accordingly.

Again, dressing up the DJ booth can be a game changer for matching the aesthetic. Draping around the stage, sideboards in the desired color, florals, or any other décor surrounding the booth. If we stick to the previous color palette, cascading the booth in drapery and matching it to the stage drapery to blend in with the surroundings. If there is a need for more florals, draping florals down the booth table (pinning it to the table) and into a pool of florals would look amazing as well.

However, if a traditional band is on your radar, there are a few more things to think about. How big the stage needs to be and how big the area where the stage will be is. Again, modular platforms can be your best friend when building staging that can break apart or build together depending on the size of the venue. And when you find a suitable size for the area, use the décor ideas from before to create a stunning stage design for the band.

The Sweethearts Table

Regardless of whether it is in or not, a lot of couples do love this option. They especially love a sweetheart’s table when the guest list is a bit bigger, allowing for the couple to see and be seen. To stick with the theme for this blog post, we are going to suggest raising the table for everyone to see. Give the people a stage to see their loved ones on their big day. It also makes it easier for families to take photos of the couple.

Picture a driftwood-inspired or white linens draping across the table. A low centerpiece with small candles littering the front. The linens drape onto the floor where the matching stage curtains cascade. Those same blue florals trailing up the stage and the side of the table. It is a beautiful piece where the couple can listen to heartfelt or funny toasts and enjoy watching their family and friends experience one of the best days of their lives.

Many weddings enjoy lifting the entire wedding party making it easy for the party to give a toast and tell stories throughout the reception. Picking a sturdy designed stage is incredibly important for this. Stage platforms come in an array of sizes, as stated before, but a common size is a 4 ft by 8 ft deck which will be able to fit quite a few people. When we say sturdy, we mean both in the capability of holding weight and a concrete feel when walking across the platform.

To keep tables from falling or guests from toppling off, using chair stops and back rails will save your partygoers. Front chair stops will stop the table legs from slipping off the front of the platform, ensuring that no sweetheart table and all its decorations, drinks, and food end up on the floor. To keep the sweethearts and wedding party off the floor, add a back rail behind the chairs and make sure that the platform has plenty of room for walking if needed. The room will keep guests from shuffling and standing, and the rail will keep guests, servers, and the happy couple from falling off the platform.

A Happily Ever After

In the end, what matters is what the people paying for the ceremony want. Making sure that you provide high-quality products that will last year after year making a safe base for events and weddings as well as increasing your ROI. Creativity will be your best friend when applying these ideas and tips, play with colors, textures, and concepts. Whether it is the ceremony staging, stages for the performers, or a sweetheart table, a stage can save the day.

More Inspiration for Wedding Staging

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