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What Choir Risers Should You Buy?

What Choir Risers I Should Buy? A buying guide to choral risers. A female group of chorus singers on choral risers.

A Buying Guide to Choir Risers

Choosing choir risers? Consider the right size for your choir’s configuration, check portability for different venues, and prioritize safety when adding chairs. Whether for education, worship, or community events, this guide is your starting point, tailored to your choir’s needs, no matter the size or mobility requirements.

Choir Riser Fundamentals

When establishing a choir program and delving into the fundamentals of investing in quality equipment, two key considerations come to the forefront. The first, assessing the number of individuals who will be positioned on the risers, and the second is whether seating will be required.

Tailored for classrooms, opt for the Z-800 or MR 3 riser system for seated arrangements. These risers allow flexibility with chairs on the deck or a standing setup. Designed to accommodate chairs, the three-level standard size suits smaller classes, aligning with educational norms. For standing options, consider the FR-36—an ideal choice for classrooms with its fold and roll features, quick storage, and reconfigurable decks for versatile settings. This tailored approach ensures an informed choice of quality equipment in a classroom choir.

Seated Choir Risers Z-800

Choirs On the Go

Traveling with choir risers requires a strategic focus on lightweight, mobile design features, especially when storage on trailers and buses is in consideration. In this context, the inclusion of removable decks emerges as a highly recommended feature. The ability to pop the riser decks on and off streamlines the transportation process. This extends to the frames, emphasizing the importance of easy teardowns and the incorporation of safety features and accessories. Furthermore, the practical addition of a cart becomes an asset, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transport.

When prioritizing these elements, a great choice is the Alla Breve Choral Risers. What makes them great for travel is there are no tools required for setup, the decks are light, and they can be easily transported on a bus or trailer. One of the highlights of this riser system is that a transportation cart is included making travel far easier!

Choir Risers Standing Risers Alla Breve

A Chorus of Many Voices

When needing to push many people onto a set of risers for practice or a performance, you’ll need the option to add a fourth riser level to the standard three-level riser and the ability to add sections if the group were to expand more. When many people are shoved into one place, the best option to avoid anyone falling off is also the right safety accessories like guard rails for the back and sides of the riser systems. Quality will mean everything when it comes to risers for large choral groups.

And when needing to set up quickly for performances or have a solid, easy-to-move maneuver base, the best options are the FR-36 and the Alla Breve Choral Risers. Both are high-quality, durable materials designed for large groups to practice and perform on. Safety should always be first, so to keep everyone on board for the entire performance, guard rails on the side and back of the risers will be essential.

The Multifunctional Choir Risers

Investing in versatile riser systems, especially when there is room for expansion in the future, will need buildability. The ability to build onto your existing risers with the hope of growing your program is a necessity. When shopping for a buildable system you need to look for versatility in arrangements and configurations as well as sturdy, non-wobbling decks for large groups.

Whether it be an expansion or more space, fantastic options are the Z-800 system or the Alla Breve Choral Risers. As stated before, the Z-800 Riser system is a seated choral riser while the Alla Breve is for standing choirs only. However, both are high-quality, durable materials designed for large groups to practice and perform on.

Whether you’re performing classic pieces or taking a twist of your own, choir risers can make or break a performance. Having high-quality, durable, and functional equipment that will last is vital for any program. This is the time to invest in choir risers that will check every box and satisfy every need.

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